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Live your startup dream without quitting your day job

More About LNE


Whos LNE :

(Late night entrepreneur) is a 3 weeks program that will change your mindset and gives you the tools to start your entrepreneurship business without quitting your current job.

Top Topics:

  1. The 10% entrepreneur

  2. Design thinking

  3. Play to win Strategy

10% of entrepreneur learning outcomes:

  • Understand the options of embracing entrepreneurship.

  • Learn the type of 10% entrepreneur you can be. 

  • Learn where to begin. 

  • Learn how to use your strengths, overcome, obstacles and make your team. 

  • Practice thinking as a 10 % entrepreneur.

Design thinking learning outcomes:

  • Enable participants to quickly turn powerful ideas and solutions into reality.

  • Gain the ability to identify gaps and problems and see them as opportunities for innovation.

  • Introduce new products, processes, and projects to create a competitive advantage.

  • Learn how to minimize the risk of project misfires and delays.

  • Move quickly and adapt to a changing environment.

  • Build a highly engaged culture of execution.

  • Strengthen organizational credibility with customers, employees and other stakeholders.

Play to win strategy learning outcomes

  • Transform the idea of strategy 

  • Make strategy seen as simple, fun, and effect 

  • Explores the five strategic choices 

  • Understand the approach that helped P&G turn things around in 2000.

Available Work Shop

Jeddah Registration is open 

 Riyadh, Dammam Soon


Eng.Mohanad Alghnami

Founder and Owner of 3

entrepreneur startup and Business Consultant 


Eng.Abdulrhman AlJiffry 

Head of the

KAUST Entrepreneurship Center 

Main Speakers

The Bootcamp has provided me with a completely new way

of reaching new customers and has allowed me to apply

everything we learned from Day One!

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